As a vessel owner, you are probably quite capable of moving your craft for the approaching boating season. But, as you are also probably aware, the waterways are markedly different as the Coast Guard (now an arm of the Department of Homeland Security) imposes and enforces new and stringent regulations.

Simply put, to have your vessel professionally delivered to your slip or mooring makes sense this year. Since I make all requisite arrangements and converse professionally with authorities, I streamline a transit avoiding a costly fine or worse.

With increased security, so do chances that your vessel will be boarded at any time and my complimentary written inspection is a valuable investment, assuring your vessel complies with applicable regulations. I may also identify potential mechanical and electrical issues that would further shorten what is already shaping up to be a shorter and more restrictive boating season.

I board every vessel comprehensively self-equipped and am uniquely suited to pilot new vessels, or those having been recently refitted.

My services are a valuable investment resulting in a positive boating experience. And isn't that what it's all about?