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Captain Rik with the 130 foot Star of America.

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Your time is valuable and so is any vessel in which you're involved. So please allow me to introduce my services as well as myself. I am a USCG licensed 100-ton Master since 2001 with towing and sailing endorsements (2nd issue), as well as being a certified ASA sailing instructor. My delivery services are unique in that I integrate the typical delivery of a vessel, with a professional (written) vessel evaluation and advisory report and offer my owner "orientation" services as well.

I board every vessel comprehensively self-equipped with "gear" that includes (among other things) a Federally registered 406 EPIRB, my own life raft as well as a personal color GPS chart plotter. I am therefore uniquely suited to pilot both sail and power vessels that are brand new and (as yet) un-equipped, or those having been recently refitted as well as those just commissioned for the season. The value to my clients of having me deliver their vessel in the spring results in a more pleasurable season by helping to spot potential failures that might crop up and spoil the season.
Captain Rik making use of one of the toys aboard one of the MV yachts.
Captain Rik has handled many high-end vessels including this 38 foot Island Packet.
My clients have also found that my willingness to assist them in the orientation of their vessel such as their docking technique, rules of the road and navigational to be especially valuable.
My experience includes being Ship's Master of vessels including 130-foot dinner vessels and catamaran ferries in New York's Hudson River to 100 plus foot gaff rigged schooners and personal yachts that run the gamut in size, style and type. I'm sure my services will prove to be valuable to you by saving money and maximize your boating experience, so feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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Captain Rik pilots the 'The Prettiest Girl At the Dance' the TPI Alerion Express 28.

Captain Rik's very familiar with Beneteau such as the comfortable costal cruiser the Beneteau 361.
Select and available supporting qualifications:
  • United States Coast Guard Master's License, including commercial powered, sailing & towing endorsements # 937134 since 2001
  • Ordained Christian Minister # 602649307 licensed in all 50 states including the state of New York (Officiate # 766922) to perform marriages and all other Ministerial duties
  • NJ State Police safe boating certification # R244296
  • Current APCA USCG (CFR Titles 46 & 49) random drug testing program
  • Certified in Current Aspects of Trauma & Cardiac Care # 20114
  • Certified ASA Sailing Instructor # 20010346
  • Boat U.S. Foundation safe boating certification # 98810510385
  • FCC radio MROP license, MMSI #s 338027724, 338027725, 338027726
  • EPIRB, Federal Beacon ID # 2DD6C0CB3F81FE0
  • Phillips AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Extensive medical life support training provided by Dr. John Ricci, MD with EMT medical with equipment supplied by Dyna Med
  • Comprehensive selection of engine, electrical & plumbing tools for "underway" repair, maintenance & systems tuning

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One of Captain Rik's deliveries of the terrific entry level family cruiser the Beneteau 323.

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capture sailing moment

As you may (or may not) know in addition to my nautical career ( I have something like 30+ years of broadcast video production experience. I have recently become a dealer for the VIO POV video products which are (in my opinion) the top of the line point of view production system in the field today. While you may have never heard of the VIO Company, you certainly have seen their imagery on such programming as the National Geographic Channel, The X-Games and numerous commercials and other productions.

I am excited at my alliance with the VIO group since they have helped me develop a special "mariner's mount" (there are only two) which attaches to the rail almost anywhere on a sailboat and allows the capture of video just as you saw on the America's Cup... and numerous commercials!!! Technically the mount is counter balanced so the camera's always level and since it's all waterproof (within reason) there's nothing stopping you! You can share your video with others on YouTube via e-mail for commercials, training, and more... perhaps even a sailing video show, who knows?

So if you would like to rent (or purchase) a system just for marine use, for a day, a week or more I have several available. Simply send me an e-mail and get going for the season!

best camera mount on the market

Captain Riki S. Burks
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